« Your email is precious, keep it safe! »

Signup anywhere without giving your email address

nBox generates for you an email address for each site, for free.
✔  Effortlessly thanks to our browser extensions
✔  Addresses are anonymous and private
✔  Delete the addresses you don't want any more
✔  Be notified according to your preferences on each email


  • ✔ Create anonymous addresses
  • ✔ Discover who sold or leaked your email
  • ✔ Automatically block trackers


  • ✔ Data-leak protection(1)
  • ✔ Proactive security improvement
  • ✔ Proxied images to block malicious URLs


  • ✔ Keep your real inbox clean
  • ✔ Delete compromised addresses
  • ✔ Authorise only the site associated with the address


  • ✔ Create one address for each service with only one click (via Chrome extension)
  • ✔ Then be notified by web push


Just free, forever.
Just for you (well, and your friends).
Even your if you want(2).


  • ✔ As many addresses as you want
  • ✔ For as long as you need
  • ✔ The addresses belong to you alone


How it works?

When you want to subscribe to a new service:
  1. Open the webpage on which you want to register
  2. Click on the nBox icon:    (top right of your browser)
  3. Generate a unique address
  4. Sign up with it
  5. You ready to get notified when you receive a new message

Why do I need your service?

Nowdays when you create a traditionnal email address, it will get in the hands of spammers or hackers, sooner or later, along with your password sometimes (you know, the one you use almost everywhere...)

Maybe it's already the case for you? That is the reason why you receive all this Spam.

Is it a disposable email generation service?

No, nBox is completely different from Yopmail or other disposable address providers. Your generated email addresses are uniquely yours, are private, and will never be reused - even if you delete your account.

What about your privacy policy?

Our mission is to protect your privacy, not screw with it.

We don't ask for or keep unneeded data, we don't track you, and we will never send you any Spam (we don't even ask for your email address ;)).

(1) Data-leak protection

« Remembering passwords is hard, so I just use the same for most of my accounts ». You should not, but well, it happens.

In case of a data leak, hackers can log into your accounts on other services. With unique addresses generated by nBox, you have an additionnal layer of protection.

(2) How can it be free?

This service is backed by Notif.me. It's a way to promote our brand and our values but mostly we did it because we were interested to know who messes with our data (and we don't like Spam, that's a given).

How to help us:
  • Share the service to all your friends
  • Contact us if you want to pay us a beer

How can I export my emails?

For now you can't but it's under development.

Ready to get rid of Spam?

Use nBox service for free.